Calgary, AB

About the Job

Pulse Directional Technologies is a manufacturer of measurement while drilling (MWD) tools for the down-hole market and is looking for a software developer to join our research and development team. We are searching for an individual able to maintain existing code bases, rapid-prototype new solutions, and also develop/test industrial grade software. Most of our software systems communicate with custom hardaware via USB, CANbus, Ethernet, or RS232. 

            The ideal candidate is passionate about the quality of his/her work, is a clear communicator, works well in a team environment, and is able to build on the work of others.


- programming skills to implement algorithms and integrate them into existing systems

- able to produce clear, concise, and beautiful graphical user interfaces.

- skill in programming languages such as C, C++, C#, JavaScript, and Python

- able to communicate clearly both verbally and in writing.

- strong analytical and mathematical skills

- able to learn and adapt quickly


- experience with smart phone app development

- experience with interactive web development (JavaScript)

- knowledge of embedded systems programming (dsPIC).

- familiarity with version control systems (CVS/SVN/GIT).

- labview development experience

- familiarity with linux

- previous experience with MWD equipment

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